Tutor online with no up-front cost.

Streamline your online tutoring experience.

Tutor online with no up-front cost.

Streamline your online tutoring experience.

Online tutoring platform - Home screen

Online tutoring in 3 steps

Create workspace for free

Register and create your private workspace to host your online tutoring sessions.

Conduct your sessions

Send an invite code to your students to join your workspace and tutor them using our full scope of features.

Collect automatic payments

As soon as your sessions are done, you will receive an automatic payment for your sessions.



Earn money by tutoring online

Payments made easy

Set your hourly rate

Charge what you want. The minimum rate we allow is $20 / hour. Our tools help you make the most out of your sessions.

No up-front cost

There is no cost to start tutoring online. When you get paid for your sessions, Tutorship charges 10% per transaction.

Get paid easily

Once your session has been completed, you can collect what you made without chasing students or parents for overdue payments.

Features available within your workspace

Online whiteboard

Our online whiteboard allows you to teach your students in a shared environment to show work and elaborate on key study points.

Communicate through channels

Communicate with your students through organized text channels to build a collaborative community environment.

Video and voice conferencing

Communicate with your students while collaborating in your whiteboard with low-latency voice and video calls during your sessions.

Session scheduling

Students can book sessions according to your availability. This will create a scheduled whiteboard and video call at the appointed time.

Choose a smarter way to tutor

Get started with ease and begin your online tutoring adventure.