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Automate your payments, book more sessions, and tutor students online with ease

Streamline your online tutoring

Create tutor profile

Create a profile, set your rate, availability, and share your profile with students.

Book sessions

The student selects a date, time, enters details on what they need help with, and adds their payment method.

Tutor online

You are invited to an online room with your student for you to tutor with ease and at your convenience.

Get paid on time

You will automatically be paid when the session ends.


Basic Plan


per month

Best Value

Pro Plan


per month

Features available within your online room

Online whiteboard

Both the tutor and the student can write and study in a shared environment.

Screen sharing

Share your screen with your student or vice versa.

Video and voice conferencing

Communicate with your students during your sessions with low-latency voice and video calls.


Students can download their whiteboard content to be viewed at their convenience

Automate your payments

Get started with ease and begin your online tutoring adventure.