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Create your own workspace and get started with online tutoring.

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You can educate your students within your own workspace using all the necessary features for online tutoring. 

Collaborative tutor-student workspace

You can create a collaborative community with your students using organized text channels. 

No up-front cost

You will pay the service fee only when you are paid if you are a free user. Upgrade to Tutorship+ to keep all your earnings!

Automatic payment processing

You can receive automatic payments upon the completion of online sessions without chasing overdue payments.

The first 100 tutors get early benefits!

We have special offers for both our free users and for those who decide to subscribe to Tutorship+.


Per month

$29.99 ($49.99)

Per month

Teach what you're passionate about and automate your transactions.

Online workspace

Utilize your own private workspace to conduct your online sessions with students.

Automated payments

When a session is over, you will be automatically paid for the session time.

Communicate through channels

Communicate with your students and peers through channels within your workspace.

Collaborative whiteboard

Utilize our online whiteboard to educate students through your workspace.

Voice and video calls

Communicate over voice and video calls within your whiteboard session. 

Session scheduling

Students can schedule a session according to your available time slots. 

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Create a workspace

Tutorship is a platform for tutors. Create an account with us to start your online tutoring business. 

We will walk you through the registration process and help register your account with ease!

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Your private workspace is your virtual classroom. You will have complete access to the essential tools required to conduct your online tutoring sessions.

Invite your students and other tutors to collaborate and work with them to provide engaging sessions they will continue to remember!

Start tutoring online

Students can see when you’re available, get in touch with you easily, or book a session according to your availability. 

Get into a whiteboard session with your student during the scheduled time to provide the student with an engaging online tutoring session.

Choose your perfect plan.

Although our platform is free to use, we recommend purchasing the Premium Membership to save you service fee costs and really make the most out of Tutorship.


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