4 Easy Tips on Getting Started with Online Tutoring

Getting started with online tutoring using Tutorship

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Online tutoring is now necessary more than ever before. While some tutors have already taken students for online tutoring, the industry has seen major growth in necessity due to the ongoing pandemic. Schools and educational institutions have all transitioned to online learning to provide a safe environment for students to learn. Unlike traditional tutoring, doing it online allows you to connect with students from all over the world, at any time. 

In this blog, you can find information on how to start online tutoring, what tools you can use, and how to ensure a successful online tutoring business. For university student tutors, this can become a popular method to monetize your knowledge instead of working at a retail job and really earn a substantial amount of money during your off time and at your convenience. For tutors and educators, expanding into online tutoring can prove to bring in a significant amount of income.

1. What tools do you need?

Online tutoring requires more than just your knowledge and teaching materials. You need a computer, an internet connection, a webcam, and software that allow you to tutor your students online.

Tutorship – online tutoring platform

Before I get into all the common solutions that are widely used to tutor online, I recommend a viable solution for all your online tutoring needs – Tutorship. Our software is an online tutoring platform that is completely free to use. It can also be set up in under 2 minutes! 

While there are multiple software and tools you can use, Tutorship allows you to set up your own workspace and utilize one software to conduct all of your online tutoring sessions.

The features that come with your own workspace include:

  • Collaborative whiteboard – Work alongside your students using our collaborative whiteboard within the platform.
  • Low-latency voice and video calls – Communicate with your students in your workspace with low-latency voice and audio call integration while working alongside them.
  • Screen sharing – You can share your screen with your students – or vice versa – if you need the extra help to showcase something on your screen (or their screen). 
  • Session scheduling – Your students can book or schedule sessions through your workspace, according to your availability. You will be reminded for upcoming sessions so you can always be ready to tutor.
  • Automated payments – Never chase overdue payments from your students with the help of automated payments. You can now be paid as soon as your session has been completed. This allows you to focus more on providing your students with more valuable content and worry less about missing payments. 
  • Messaging between users – Communicate with your students through multiple text channels and keep your communication organized in one place. This allows your students to collaborate with each other as well. 

Tutorship is still early  and we would love for you to try it. The feedback you provide to us will help refine our platform and ensure that it is ideal for all tutors.

If this doesn’t suit your needs, here are some alternative tools to use:

Zoom – video conferencing

This is an ideal tool for voice and video calls with your students. It also allows you to share your screen and interact with your students with relative ease. Group meetings have a time limit of 45 minutes whereas the individual one on one meetings can be as long as your sessions need to be.

Google Meets – video conferencing

Similar to Zoom, Google Meets is another ideal tool for voice and video calls. It has fewer features than what is available through Zoom but is still a viable option for online tutoring.

BitPaper – collaborative whiteboard

This is an online whiteboard tool that you can use with video conferencing. Teach and collaborate with your students to ensure that they soak up everything through the use of the online whiteboard. 

Google Docs – collaborative documents

You can also use the popular Google docs to collaborate with your students. It may be difficult to tutor with just Google Docs so you will need to use it along side a video or audio conference tool. 

Payment Processing

You will need a payment processing tool to request payments from your students. This may include direct e-transfers or using tools such as Stripe or PayPal. 

2. Plan engaging sessions

Unlike physical tutoring sessions, it is far too easy for students to be distracted during online tutoring sessions. It is your responsibility to plan engaging lessons for your students to ensure that they don’t doze off. Your lesson plan, your tone, and how you deliver your lessons matter more during online tutoring sessions. 

Tutorship ensures that you deliver an engaging lesson by having multiple touchpoints with your students, whether it be getting them to do their work on the collaborative whiteboard or engaging with them using quizzes and assessments. Consistent touchpoints allow your students to focus without having their attention being diverted to other monitors and screens.

3. Find a quiet environment 

Your surroundings can really affect the delivery of your online lessons. Background noise can distract you and your students from having an effective tutoring session. They may not be able to hear you which can be a complete waste of time for the both of you. Ensure that you are in a quiet environment to deliver the best tutoring session possible for your students. 

4. Provide follow up material for your students

Give your students homework that they can deliver to you during their next session. This ensures that they are learning something valuable from your lessons. This also motivates your students to always be on top of their course work and not slack off. Students can get complacent since they are learning online which can affect their mindset. 

Get started in less than 2 minutes

This article is to help you get a general idea of what it’s like to get started with online tutoring. Tutorship ensures that you can get into this industry with little to no experience and put you in a position to succeed. Get started in under less than 2 minutes. 

We are creating a community for tutors. Learn from each other, ask any questions you have, and be part of our engaging network of tutors by joining us through Discord or our Subreddit

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