Online tutoring made easy

Why Use Tutorship?

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What makes Tutorship different?

A place to call yours

Tutorship provides tutors with their own private workspace to conduct lessons, build a consistent tutoring business, and garner relationships with their students. Your private workspace can only be joined by people you invite.

Online tutoring with ease

Essential features are provided within every workspace! Our platform allows you to focus more on delivering amazing services to your students and less on spending money on different software

Customize your workspace

Tutors will have the ability to purchase addon features to customize their workspace to provide an engaged learning environment! You can also upgrade to Premium and gain access to all our addon features.

What is Tutorship for?

Tutorship is about giving tutors the power to create their own private workspace and take control of their online tutoring business. We want to make it easier for tutors to create an engaging online tutoring experience for their students. We want tutors to build their business and thrive, alongside us. Tutorship is a platform that can be used by any tutor, tutoring school, and academic institutions to facilitate an engaging online tutoring experience.

Our Goal

We want to be the number one platform to exist for tutors. Our services allow tutors to scale their online tutoring business with ease, while giving them the opportunity to earn more!

We understand the time and effort that goes into tutoring and want to ensure that tutors are well equipped to provide a well-rounded and engaging experience for their students utilizing our core features and additional addon features. 

Our Vision

We want Tutorship to be the one solution every tutor, tutoring school, and academic institution uses for all their tutoring purposes, from North America to Asia.

We want our platform to be very easy to use with a small learning curve so that every tutor will be comfortable using it.

Tutor online with no up-front cost.

Tutorship allows tutors to enhance the online tutoring experience for their students – completely for free! It is easy to set up, utilize, and scale.